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Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon and Half Marathon

Welcome to the 2022 Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon and Half Marathon to be held on Sunday, March 20, 2022, in Cary, North Carolina.

Registration for 2022 is now OPEN!

We expect to return to our 2019 format and course with both the Full Marathon and the Half Marathon held on the same day and mostly on the American Tobacco Trail.

Don't remember if you are already registered for 2022? Check Participants to see. Be sure to pay attention to the year; this list may include both 2022 and 2023 registrations. (Also note: Minors are listed with a last initial only.)

A few notes: These are important! Please don't just skip by them.

  • Parking Passes for 2022 had LIMITED AVAILABILITY and SOLD OUT in mid-September, 2021.
  • T-shirts are guaranteed for registrations until one month prior to the event.
  • We typically offer discounts to various running groups. If you are part of a running group, talk to them to see if they have a discount.
  • We encourage athletes of all abilities to participate in our race. However, because of the limitations imposed by the course, particularly the five miles on the road, we have two special notes to ensure runner safety:

    1. For 2022, we will have a strict course closure of 2:00pm so that runners are not on the roads without police coverage and coned lane closures.
    2. Because of the unpaved surfaces, two-way traffic on the trail, and no usable shoulder on parts of the road sections, this course is not particularly good for athletes with disabilities due to safety reasons. If you are a disabled athlete, please contact at least two months prior to the race date to discuss potential accommodations.

  • As a reminder, we have a NO REFUND policy, even if we cancel the race for any reason. This and other details are mentioned in the waiver that you agree to when you register. Read it!

When you register, we also request:

  • Please know that how you enter your name will be how it is shown in the results published after the race. (For instance, you may want to take time to capitalize the first letters.)
  • Please use a PERSONAL email, not a WORK email address. We have had many problems with people changing jobs between when they register and the race, and those runners then stop receiving important information.
  • Please try to avoid registering multiple runners using the SAME email address. It is possible to register multiple people under one email address, but it works out far better for communications for each runner to register with their own email address.

Please visit our Presenting Sponsor, Inside-Out Sports for all your training and pre-race needs.

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