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Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon and Altra Half Marathon

Welcome to the 2021 AllScripts Tobacco Road Marathon and Altra Half Marathon to be held on Sunday, March 21, 2021.

Don't remember if you are already registered for 2021 or 2022? Check Participants to see. (Note: Minors are not listed here.)

The Half Marathon typically sells out in January, but for 2021, it will almost certainly sell out before year-end 2020. We will allow FREE deferrals to 2022 as long as you defer by December 31, why not sign up now?

A few notes: These are important! Please don't just skip by them.

  • As of July, 2020, we are accepting registrations to our 2021 and 2022 races.
  • While we typically offer discounts to various running groups, there are currently no discounts available at the July, 2020, pricing.
  • For a limited time longer, we are also accepting registrations for everyone who had been registered for the 2020 race. You would have received numerous emails on this. You MUST re-register; just having been registered (or even just requesting a deferral) does not automatically sign you up for 2021 or 2022.
  • With the large number of deferrals of parking passes, we are not currently offering parking passes. Check this list of parking passes to see if you have one...for the same year as you deferred your registration to.
  • If you don't have a parking pass, you can use the free shuttle from free parking 6 miles (about 15 minutes) away. Please do not park in neighborhoods or businesses surrounding the start/finsh area. We want to be respectful for them, and they are already inconvenienced some by our road closures.
  • If you don't know how your training will go and don't know what distance you can run, consider registering for the HALF now and upgrading to the full, if desired, closer to the event. The half sells out before the full, and you cannot drop down to the half after it is sold out.
  • T-shirts are guaranteed for registrations until one month prior to the event.
  • As a reminder, we have a NO REFUND policy, even if we cancel the race for any reason. This and other details are mentioned in the waiver that you agree to when you register. Read it! Please see our FAQ for other policies on deferral, transfer, and changing distance.

Please visit our Presenting Sponsor, Inside-Out Sports for all your training and pre-race needs.

If you have deferral-related questions, check out our special Deferral FAQs.

Note: As of June 1, 2020, the $35 refund option for people deferred from 2020 is no longer available.

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