Parking, Directions, and Transportation

Note:  All Parking Passes have been sold.  There is no waiting list available.   If any passes become available, we will send an e-mail to registered runners.

This list contains the names and (partially-obscured) e-mails for people who have deferred parking passes.  The parking pass will defer to the year you select.


Note:  As of January, 2021, this list is out-of-date because of registration changes.  It will be updated once registration changes calm down.  Look for a re-confirmation of parking passes by May 1, 2021.

If you transfer your registration to someone else, the parking pass will follow the registration.

If you do not register for 2021 or 2022, the parking pass will be considered "donated."  For individuals who had purchased a parking pass separately from race registration, it will automatically be considered to be a parking pass for 2021 only.  In that case, no transfer or deferral to 2022 is available.

We do not expect to have any additional parking passes avaliable for 2021.  If we do, registered runners will be notified via email.

You have three options to get to our start line:

1. Purchase one of our 800 parking passes so that you can park on-site.  These typically sell out very early--in October--and if you didn't buy one and they are sold out, there are no more for purchase.  Please consider other options below.

If you have a parking pass, there are two "sides" to our parking area, and you CANNOT drive within the park between the sides  Each side has roughly 400 availalbe parking spaces: Please plan to arrive by 5:30am.  If you arrive later, there may be large traffic backups that cause you stress, no time for bag check/porta-potties, and possibly missing the start.  Come early and nap in your warm car!

2. Take our YMCA-provided shuttles from NetApp in RTP to our start/finish area.  The shuttle is a 6 mile / 15 minute trip and runs continuously from 4:00am to 2:30pm.  These are for RUNNERS and VOLUNTEERS ONLY until 5:15am.  After 5:15am, the shuttles are first-come, first-served for runners, volunteers, and spectators.  The address of NetApp RTP is: Note:  The NetApp RTP lot is 6 miles away, so we certainly don't recommend walking/running from there.

Please plan to arrive by 5:00am.  This will give you time to walk to the shuttle busses, wait in a hopefully brief line for the bus, and get to the start/finish area with plenty of time for final preparations and pre-race selifes!

Note:  Pets are not permitted on the shuttles, nor will the shuttles accommodate wheelchairs or bikes.

3. Be dropped off.  Runner drop off  is a bit west of USA Baseball on Green Hope School Road near the entrance to the Hilliard Forest subdivison.  The address of drop off is approximately: Please plan to arrive by 5:30am. We have a big tent waiting for you where you can get ready, socialize, and drop off your things (like jackets) at bag check just before the race.

Here are two BAD OPTIONS to avoid:

1. Park in nearby neighborhoods and/or churches or businesses.  Please don't do this.  These residents and establishments are already being gracious neighbors having their Sunday disrupted by our road/lane closures, traffic, and activitites.  We want them to accept and embrace us, not dislike us.  Additionally, you may return to where you parked and find that your car has been towed.

2. Take Uber or Lyft.  How many Uber or Lyft drivers do you think are available at 5:00am on a Sunday morning?  We've had runners report bad results with trying to use these services, and when Uber/Lyft drivers learn that there is a long backup that will turn an easy fare into a long ordeal, they have cancelled on the rider.  That's not stress you want just before a race.

If you don't have a car and have to use these services, we recommend you take them to NetApp RTP (address above) and then take our shuttle.  We also don't recommend having them dropping you a distance away from the start/finish area and walking because there aren't sidewalks, and it is still very dark out.

Note:  Using Uber or Lyft AFTER the race should not be a problem.

Spectator Parking

Spectators at the start/finish area may also buy a parking pass (subject to availability) on our registration page or may use the shuttle buses any time (continuously) from 5:15am through 2:30pm.  Additionally, parking passes are not enforced at the finsh area parking after runners begin to leave.  That means that parking spaces typically begin to become available by 10:00am, possibly before.  Therefore, if you want to see your 4+ hour marathoner finish, you should be able to park at the start/finish area...unless all the half-marathoners are having too good of time at the post-race party!

Spectators may also park at various marked locations long the course.  Refer to the maps on https://tobaccoroadmarathon.com/maps for recommended spectator locations.  Please note that some of these locations are not particularly convenient to get to.

The Latitude/Longitude of the Start Line is approximately 35.798, -78.894--which is just northeast of the mark that Google Maps shows for "Tobacco Road Marathon".  However, if you plug this into your GPS, it's hard to know which "side" of the park it will direct you to.

Note:  NC 540 south of NC 54 is a toll road (The "Triangle Expressway").  As of 2019, the fee is $0.65 (for NC Quick Pass or E-ZPass) or $1.00 (for bill-by-mail based on your license plate) when travelling south from I-40 to NC 55.  If you travel one exit further to Green Level West Road (which should not be required, but your GPS may direct you that way), the fee is an additional $0.81 (or $1.25 for bill-by-mail).  If you want to avoid tolls entirely, get off at NC 54 and follow your GPS.


Our host hotel is the Embassy Suites, located at 201 Harrison Oaks Avenue, Cary, NC  27513.  It is very close to the airport--less than 10 minutes away.  For more information on our host hotel including the link for our negotiated rate, please see https://tobaccoroadmarathon.com/where-to-stay/ .

Please note that the hotel is about a 20 minute drive from the race site and also about a 20 minute drive to the remote parking (if you don't buy an on-site parking pass).  Unfortunately, we do not provide transportation to/from the hotel on race day.

Road Closures

For the duration of the race (from roughly 6:30am to 2:00pm), Green Level Church Road will be closed to traffic between Green Hope School Road and Brooks Park Lane.

Other lane/road closures will only be temporary but could add delays to your travels with the greatest temporary closure between immediately after the 7:00am start time.  Specificlaly, the intersection of Green Hope School Road and Green Level Church Road will likely be closed from 7:00am to about 7:20am.  After that, you should be able to travel on Green Hope School Road and Green Level Church Road, but it would be best to avoid travelling north on Green Level Church Road or west on Morrisville Parkway from 7:00am to 7:45am even though they are not fully closed.

Road closures and lane restrictions are subject to change based on race-day conditions for the safety of our runners.
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