Tobacco Road Marathon Sets New Charity Record: $127,500

Tobacco Road Marathon Sets New Charity Record: $127,500

Tobacco Road Marathon Events Set New Charitable Donation Record: $127,500
Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon And GNC Half Reach $631,500 in Giving

Cary, NC – The Board of Directors of the Tobacco Road Marathon (TRM) running events last night announced an increase over previously reported estimates of charitable contributions generated by its March 13 races to escalate this year’s giving total to $127,500 – a record year for the six-year-old running celebration. The increase adds to the cumulative total provided by the runners, sponsors, board and volunteers of the Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon and GNC Tobacco Road Half Marathon now at $631,500 after the seven races since the event’s founding in 2010.

The record level of charitable giving puts the running event organizers on a trajectory to possibly attain the cumulative total milestone of one million dollars within three years. The primary charities supported by the annual contest are: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation JDRF, the Wounded Warrior Project, the American Red Cross and the Rails to Trails Conservancy as well as Wake County Parks and Recreation.

The breakdown of charitable awards by organization is:

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF): $50,000
Triangle American Red Cross: $35,000
Wounded Warriors Project: $10,000
Rails to Trails Conservancy: $15,000 ($5000 will directly support the American Tobacco Trail)
Wake County Parks and Recreation: $10,000
North Carolina Food Bank: $2,000
Military Veterans Resource Coalition: $3,000
National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA): $2,500

“The support of the running community, our volunteers and sponosors make these amazing levels of contributions possible,” said TRM Founder and President Kazem Yayahpour, a ten-time Boston Marathon qualifier. “What makes this possible is that this is an all-volunteer effort, we have no salaried person on the board or any kind of staff position. All these people are to be commended for their good work to support the community we love.”

Barry Porter, regional CEO of the American Red Cross, attended the check presenation last night on behalf of his organization. Porter’s team provides equipment such as generators and care tents to support Cary’s flourishing community event.

“I have sat through several of the TRM board meetings and I have seen how hard these people work,” Porter said. “Sometimes I am stunned when I reflect on it. I am so appreciative of everyone’s willingness to unselfishly give so much of themselves to these wonderful efforts.”

Also on hand was Chris LaTurno, executive director of the JDRF’s Triangle and Eastern NC Chapter.

“I have spoken with many on the TRM board privately to extend my personal gratitude for their work,” LaTurno said. “I want them to understand the advances we are making to help people battling diabetes and how it is made possible through the kind of important work they are doing.”

In addition to the primary charities the TRM board also supports its runners with their individual causes. At a formal check presentation last night were Chrystal Gordon, who ran for the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) and William “Billy” DeWalt who also ran for the Military Veterans Resource Coaltion (MVRC). Both runners, who competed for their personal best in the GNC Half contest, have overcome medical medical conditions related to the charities they represented.

“Wow. Just wow,” said Gordon after receiving the check on behalf of the NBCA. “I am so thankful to the Tobacco Road Marathon and their entire team. I am overwhelmed to be honest.”

Complete results of the 2016 Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon and the GNC Half are available at FS Series. Next year’s race date has been set for March 19, 2017 and “early bird” registration will begin in April. In the photo above, left-to-right, are: Carlyn Sautter, JDRF Outreach Coordinator; Brian Moffett, Allscripts; Martha Namie, Allscripts; Joy Newhouse, Allscripts; Chris LaTurno, JDRF Executive Director (Triangle/Eastern NC Chapter) and Co-Race Directors Cid Cardoso, Jr. and Kazem Yahyapour. Cardoso is the CEO of North Carolina-based Inside-Out Sports, the presenting sponsor of the TRM weekend.

The Tobacco Road Marathon Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing financial assistance to charities by channeling the passions of the North Carolina Triangle area’s running community into a powerful force for good.

Feetures! Sponsors TRM Half

Cary, NC – The Tobacco Road Half Marathon Association (TRM) announced today that Feetures!, a leader in performance running socks, is the title sponsor of its March 19th half marathon race. The race is the companion to the Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon. Both start at 7 a.m. on the same day and share the Carolina pine-lined American Tobacco Trail course. Every runner in both races will receive a pair of Feetures! performance socks at the event’s expo held at the Embassy Suites in Cary, North Carolina March 17 and 18.

“We are thrilled to have Feetures! join us in our mission to give back to our community,” said TRM President, Founder and ten-time Boston Marathon Qualifier Kazem Yahyapour. “We know all our runners will appreciate receiving their outstanding running socks. I use them myself and can assure everyone they are the highest quality.”

This year the Feetures! Tobacco Road Half Marathon will be part of the USA Track & Field (USATF) North Carolina championship. The TRM weekend continues to enhance its reputation as a “must do” event for runners. TRM, a homegrown, all-volunteer community celebration, is on track to exceed one million dollars in charitable giving in 2019. It has already contributed $631,000 since its inaugural in 2010.

“As Feetures! has continued to expand over the last few years, we’ve worked hard to match those efforts by giving back to the NC racing community,” says Joe Gaither, Director of Marketing for Feetures! “With all the good TRM has done for the running community and our desire to be involved in races east of Charlotte, the partnership was a natural fit. We’re thrilled to be involved with a race that has grown so rapidly and led to such fast times.”

TRM, with its flat, fast course, qualifies 12 percent of runners for the Boston Marathon and in 2014 was named among the top nine best new marathons by Runner’s World Magazine. The USA Track & Field (USATF) certified courses follow the same path for two miles and then diverge. The first two and last two miles are on paved roads – the rest are on the ATT. The runners start from the USA Baseball & Thomas Brooks Park in Cary. The course is devoid of hills and the average high temperature for the date (51 degrees Fahrenheit) delivers an ideal performance environment.

All TRM proceeds go to these charities: JDRF, Hope For The Warriors, the The American Red Cross, and the Rails to Trails Conservancy as well as Wake County Parks and Recreation.

The Tobacco Road Marathon Association is a non-profit organization dedicated with its sponsors to providing financial assistance to its partner charities by channeling the passions of the North Carolina Triangle area’s running community into a powerful force for good.

Feetures! is a family owned and operated company located in North Carolina with the mission to inspire people to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

Carrying Water for Tanzania

Carrying Water for Tanzania

Running a marathon is no easy accomplishment, but now imagine carrying an extra 45lbs for those 26.2 miles, and then do that once a month for a year. James Leitner has been running a marathon a month while carrying 45lbs of water to raise awareness about the long journeys people take every day to find water. The weight of the jug is significant because 45lbs is equal to 5 gallons of water, enough for one person to use for their daily needs. Every race completed helps the Philadelphia-Serengeti Alliance, a nonprofit organization working to improve health, education, and gender equality by providing accessible clean water to rural communities in Tanzania.

James started this goal in May 2016 and plans on completing the Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, NC as his 11th marathon. Completing each marathon has not been an easy task. Some marathons have been in winter and snowed 5in during the race. Others have had 3500ft of elevation gain. Still with dedication and the help from the running community, he has completed each race and is excited for the Tobacco Road Marathon.

Why I Run: Our Type 1 Diabetes Journey with JDRF

Why I Run: Our Type 1 Diabetes Journey with JDRF

Written by Andrea Moffat, mother of a Type 1 child.

In 2009, our three-year-old son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. His diagnosis was a huge shock and for many months we found ourselves just trying to tread water as we learned what it means to try to manage this disease. We didn’t know anything about Type 1 Diabetes and we were completely unprepared for the emotional and physical strain it put on our son and family.

Everything changes after your child is diagnosed. We were afraid to send him to school, to leave him with a babysitter, we were even afraid to sleep at night. From the beginning, JDRF was there for us. In the hospital, we received the JDRF Bag of Hope which included a stuffed animal named Rufus. Rufus gave our son someone with whom to share his diabetes experience; we gave him shots and pricked Rufus’s paw just like we did our son’s.

When we got home, JDRF connected us with another Type 1 family to serve as our mentor; sharing our fears with other parents after diagnosis is such a blessing because they help you see that there is hope, that you can create a new ’normal’ and live with this disease. JDRF even helped us find the training materials we needed to get Glen’s teachers and caregivers ready to take on his care when we couldn’t be there to do it ourselves.

Fast forward several years and now we have the privilege of mentoring newly – diagnosed families, we attend JDRF sponsored events that allow Glen to meet other kids living with Type 1 Diabetes, and we take advantage of many of the new treatment options that have become a reality in large part because of JDRF’s funding of the critical research needed to improve diabetes care.

This past year, thanks to a clinical trial sponsored by JDRF, we found out that our five-year-old son Blake has all five antibodies for Type 1 Diabetes. Again, our world was turned upside down as we tried to come to terms with the reality that someday, probably sooner than later, we will have two children with this disease. Right on the heels of hearing those words, our local JDRF office was there to offer their support to help us identify any prevention clinical trials currently underway in which Blake could possibly participate, and to reassure us that there is hope, that the research funded by JDRF is working on cutting edge new treatments that will change the way we manage diabetes in the future.

When your child has a life-threatening disease, it is easy to live in fear for them. It’s hard not to think about what could happen if their blood sugar dips too low at night or when they are driving a car, if the complications caused by many years of higher than normal blood sugars will plague their future, if they will be able to concentrate during their tests at school, if they will have a seizure on the playground from a low blood sugar, and the list goes on and on.

These are the fears that haunt parents of Type 1’s every day. The silver lining for our family has been JDRF’s ability to provide us with resources we need when we need them and to give us hope for a better tomorrow for our boys – you just can’t put a value on that. When we heard that the Tobacco Road Marathon supports JDRF, we knew we had to get involved. Running 13 miles is nothing compared to what our son and the other thousands of people living with this disease have to face every day. Running this race shows our boys how hard we are willing to work [or run] to find a cure and protect their future. We are humbled and thankful to live in a community like this where great organizations like JDRF flourish and community events like the Tobacco Road Marathon support our mission.

Record Charitable Contributions at $130,000 For $761,500 Cumulative Total

Record Charitable Contributions at $130,000 For $761,500 Cumulative Total

2017 Charity Donations Reach $130,000 For $761,500
Cumulative Total Since 2010

Cary, NC (March 21, 2017) – The Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon (TRM) and the Feetures! Half Marathon has set a new mark for the event’s annual charitable contributions, bettering last year’s record-setting performance by $2,500 with a total of $130,000. The event weekend, which staged the eighth running of its two races on the American Tobacco Trail on Sunday, March 19, now has attained a cumulative total of $761,500 in charitable giving.

“Now that we have eclipsed the three-quarters of a million dollars mark, we are more confident than ever of hitting our goal of one million dollars to charity by our 2019 races,” said 11-time Boston Marathon qualifier Kazem Yahyapour, who is president and founder of the Tobacco Road Marathon.

The charities supported this year and the amounts they received are as follows:

JDRF: $50,000
American Red Cross: $37,500
Hope For The Warriors: $10,000
YMCA: $10,000
Wake County Parks and Recreation: $10,000
V Foundation: $5,000
“Every year I just couldn’t be more impressed with the unselfish dedication of Kazem and the TRM board of directors and the hundreds of race weekend volunteers,” said Barry Porter, American Red Cross regional CEO. “I attend many of their evening board meetings and listen to the workload they take on. There is no paid staff. These are individuals who volunteer passionately for months to host a great event and then gift the proceeds to needs in our community.”

This year’s marathon overall winner was Japhet Kipkoech, who resides in Louisville, Kentucky. Kipkoech’s time was two hours, 28 minutes, 47.227 seconds (2:28:47.227). The women’s marathon winner was Kari Springer in only her second marathon at 2:57:14.6. Evan Gaynor of Perrysburg, Ohio, won the half marathon, bringing it home at 1:08:34.173 with Sarah Rapp (pictured above) of Raleigh leading all women at 1:15.48.850. Full results are available through Finish Strong Series (FSS). A complete list of the event sponsors can be obtained at the Tobacco Road Marathon Web site.

The Tobacco Road Marathon board will open online registration for the 2018 race weekend earlier than ever before, coming next Monday, March 27.

The Tobacco Road Marathon Association is a non-profit organization dedicated with its sponsors to providing financial assistance to its partner charities by channeling the passions of the North Carolina Triangle area’s running community into a powerful force for good.