Running a marathon is no easy accomplishment, but now imagine carrying an extra 45lbs for those 26.2 miles, and then do that once a month for a year. James Leitner has been running a marathon a month while carrying 45lbs of water to raise awareness about the long journeys people take every day to find water. The weight of the jug is significant because 45lbs is equal to 5 gallons of water, enough for one person to use for their daily needs. Every race completed helps the Philadelphia-Serengeti Alliance, a nonprofit organization working to improve health, education, and gender equality by providing accessible clean water to rural communities in Tanzania.

James started this goal in May 2016 and plans on completing the Tobacco Road Marathon in Cary, NC as his 11th marathon. Completing each marathon has not been an easy task. Some marathons have been in winter and snowed 5in during the race. Others have had 3500ft of elevation gain. Still with dedication and the help from the running community, he has completed each race and is excited for the Tobacco Road Marathon.