Registration & Policies

Registration for the 2015 is now available.
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 April 23 to
May 6

May 7 to
Aug 31

Sept 1
to Oct 31

Nov 1 to
Dec 31

Jan 1 to

Mar 10

After Mar 10

if available

Half Marathon


$65 $70 $80 $90 $100



$75 $80 $90 $100 $110

Registration will be capped at a total of 4,200 participants; 2,700 for the half marathon and 1,500 for the full marathon.  

Race Policies

The marathon and the half marathon are competitive road racing events. Every particiant must be in adequate health and sufficiently trained for this race. Consult your physician before beginning any endurance training regimen.

Time Limit

The course will close at 2pm and runners on the course at that time will be picked up and brought to the finish line.  

Walkers are encouraged to participate, as long as you are able to finish the course by 2pm.  This time limit will be strictly enforced due to traffic concerns.  Runners crossing the finish line after 2pm will not receive a time.

Transfers & Race Switching

Race entries are non-transferable (i.e. you can't give your number to someone else). 

Registrants who sign up for the full but choose to only run the half will not receive a finishers time or medal for either race.  You must run the race for which you are registered.  You may switch from the half to the full (if not sold out) paying the $10 difference.  


It is an enormous effort to clean up after the runners due to the limited access to the trail.  There will be garbage containers after every water stop.  You may drop your cup on the ground within 100 yards of the stop but If you still have your cup when you pass the garbage can HOLD IT to the next stop.  Do not litter gel packs/tops at any time !  Drop it in the can or hold it to the next stop !  Violators can be DQ'd.

Deferrals & Refunds

There are no refunds.  Deferrals will ONLY be granted until January 31.  

Elite Athletes

Potential elite participants must submit a detailed running resume before March 1 to After March 1, all entrants will be decided on a case-by-case basis.


Elite 10k Half Marathon Full Marathon
Men sub 32:00  1:15:00 2:32:00
Women sub 38:00  1:30:00 3:00:00